Disney Urban Legends


The Legend: A jealous husband filled what he thought was his wife's lover's car with concrete.

Behind the legend: A man whose wife was a sideshow bearded lady came home early from his job at a construction site to find what he thought was the car of one of the circus' midget clowns parked in his driveway. Assuming that his wife was having an affair, he flew into a rage and backed his cement truck (which he had driven home from work without unloading it) up to the car and dumped its contents on the tiny vehicle. Only after his wife came running out of the house hysterical did the man find out that his wife had purchased a one-of-a-kind Autopia car prototype for him on eBay as an anniversary gift.

The Legend: A naked housewife wearing only a Mickey Mouse hat was surprised by a meter reader.

Behind the legend: A woman was doing the laundry in her basement when she spilled coffee on her robe. She threw the robe in the wash and was heading upstairs to get some clothes (she'd been naked under the robe) when she noticed her son's Mickey Mouse hat on the stairs. She put the hat on to keep her hands free to hold the stair's rail, and was about half way up when the basement door opened and the gas meter reader started to walk down. The reader took one look at her and said, "I hope you had a nice vacation, lady," before turning around and walking out. The story is true. The woman was my mother.

The Legend: The last song played by the band on the Titanic was "It's a Small World"

Behind the legend: On the contrary, "It's a Small World" was the first song the band played -- because it was the only song they knew. Apparently, the playing of this song over and over is what inspired so many passengers to leap into the freezing-cold ocean even before the iceberg was struck, greatly increasing the tragedy's death toll.

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