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Michael Eisner

The Legend: Michael Eisner hears voices in his head commanding him to do strange things, and he once killed his entire family with an axe as they slept.

Behind the Legend: Although DisneyLies.com encourages the wanton spreading of this particular legend, it is not exactly, precisely true in every picky detail.

The Legend: Alanis Morissette wrote her angry (rather racy) pop song "You Oughta Know" about Michael Eisner.

Behind the legend: Yep.

The Legend: Michael Eisner donates a portion of the Walt Disney Company's profits to the Church of Satan, the KKK, and Nazi and anti-woman groups.

Behind the legend: It is important to distinguish between Disney corporate funds and Michael Eisner's personal money (which he receives in his Disney paycheck). Disney has no control over how Michael Eisner spends his own personal funds, and the company doesn't invest in any of these groups. There's no accounting for Eisner, however.

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