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Where in Disneyland Resort -- Answers

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Picture Identity
A-1 Wall, Yamabuki restaurant
A-2 Display of "contemporary" items in Tarzan's Treehouse
A-3 Sign at entrance of Beast's library in the Sorcerer's Workshop area of Disney Animation
A-4 Side of the Sailing Ship Columbia (in obvious need of repair)
B-1 Motto on the wall of Goofy's Bounce House
B-2 Display in the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A.
B-3 Grape vine trellis (out of season), Fantasia Gardens
B-4 Decorative molding on an A-frame roof in Fantasyland
C-1 Presidential suite, Disneyland Hotel
C-2 Mysteriously opening crypt in the Haunted Mansion graveyard scene
C-3 "Archaeologist's" markings on the stone walls of the Indiana Jones Adventure queue
C-4 Modular wall, Innoventions
D-1 Scientific instruments in the upper level of the Jungle Cruise queue
D-2 Broken statuary in the gardens outside the Haunted Mansion
D-3 Pipes in maze of tunnels beneath the Disneyland Hotel
D-4 Plaza Inn floor
E-1 Matterhorn maintenance walkway (also used to evacuate guests if the ride is emergency stopped)
E-2 Stack of books in Mickey's House
E-3 Directional sign, Paradise Pier restroom
E-4 Lamp in the burning town scene of Pirates of the Caribbean
F-1 Block and tackle hanging from the S. S. rustworthy
F-2 Untended grave on Tom Sawyer Island (behind the fort)
F-3 Tree in a backstage area being prepared for display in Fantasyland (with its topiary mold still in place)
F-4 Storybook seen at the beginning of the Sleeping Beauty's Castle walkthrough attraction (now closed to the public due to radioactive contamination)
G-1 A section of the wall surrounding Disneyland (usually hidden by the berm)
G-2 Star Tours queue (prior to recent maintenance renovation)
G-3 Submarine drydock (sans sub)
G-4 Staircase, Club 33
H-1 Team Disney executive building service elevator
H-2 Belle, from Beauty and the Beast
H-3 Disney's Grand Californian Hotel
H-4 Grave stone labeled "Eisner," found in the planted area between Mickey and Minnie's houses in Toontown.

How'd you do? If you scored more than 20, you're a Disneyland Resort trivia champion!

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