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Check Your Disneyland Age

Recent scientific studies reveal that it is possible to calculate the age of any Disneyland fan by checking what he or she remembers about the park. To calculate your "Disneyland Age," check the box next to each item below that you actually remember (things that you just read or heard about don't count) and click the "Check Your Disneyland Age" button.

So, do you remember...

Wally Boag spitting out his teeth

When Fantasyland was largely made of plywood

A slow train ride in Frontierland

When long hair was banned but cigarettes were okay

Thinking, "They replaced the Country Bears with this???

Thinking, "WestCOT is going to be awesome!"

The Jungle Cruise without piranha

Wondering if you might catch a glimpse of Walt

Superstar Limo

Gummi Bears on the Motor Boat Cruise

Riding through the Matterhorn on a cable

The snoring bear

The dancing Indians

When the PeopleMover track was used for something

When a wheelchair was like a front-of-the-line pass

Trying to decide what to use your "A" tickets for

Massive balloon releases

"It's a great big beautiful tomorrow" sung by someone whose skin you can't see through

The singing chickens, before they were moved to Splash Mountain

The Upjohn Pharmacy

No attractions with movies based on them

"Shooting" guns from Fort Wilderness

Actually being able to shoot things in the shooting galleries

More than four types of craft sailing the Rivers of America

When female cast members were required to be freakishly petite

Nothing but orange trees

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