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2005 Annual Disney Trivia Quiz

How Well Do You Know Disney?

To start the new year off with a bang, we've put together this little quiz that will test your knowledge of Disneyland, Disney films, Walt Disney, and the Walt Disney Company. Good luck!

The first thing Disneyland visitors noticed in 2004 was:

The first thing Disneyland visitors noticed when the park opened in 1955 was:

Disneyland's plans for its 50th anniversary:

Disneyland's submarine lagoon:

The biggest disappointment so far at Disney California Adventure was:

Disney's new Hong Kong Disneyland will be:

If all of the Disney Dollars printed in 2004 were laid end to end, they would:

The Seven Dwarfs are:

After the success of Mary Poppins:

Disney's first completely computer animated feature film, Chicken Little, will be a big hit because:

Disney takes credit for some of the success of The Incredibles because:

In 2004, Disney made traditional animation history by:

Walt Disney:

Michael Eisner is:

Check Your Answers

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