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2004 Annual Disney Trivia Quiz

Each year, DisneyLies.com presents fifty trivia questions for the enjoyment of the most diehard Disney fans. No room for the slightly knowledgable here -- these are the toughest questions we could come up with. Because of their difficulty, you have one full year to ponder the answers. A complete list of answers will be posted at the end of 2004. Enjoy!

  1. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901 and died December 15, 1966. How many days old was he when he died, and how many full years did he live, using a Myan calendar?
  2. In The Great Mouse Detective, Basil of Baker Street is a mouse, but he is also a great detective. What is his sedentary blood pressure?
  3. In the original Fantasia, the brooms that sorcerer Mickey animates were hand-crafted from what kind of wood?
  4. If Jiminy Cricket was dipped in the poison that was used to render Snow White unconscious and then he was fed to Timon, what would happen if Monstro ate the sleeping warthog?
  5. Imagine that Dumbo is in a circus tent when it catches fire. His mother is locked in a cage and unable to help him, and his friend Timothy has been trampled by fleeing children, so Dumbo is rendered unconscious by the smoke and collapses. One of the foot-wide tent support poles falls on Dumbo and rests there with its base 15 feet from the point where Dumbo touches the ground. Dumbo weights 300 pounds. The pole is on foot in diameter. What angle does the pole make with the ground, assuming that Dumbo is a perfect sphere?
  6. According to conventional etiquette, what wine would it be appropriate to serve with Bambi's mom?
  7. How many hairs does Beauty and the Beasts's Beast have? What about Belle?
  8. In the underground, direct-to-video, "adult" live-action version of Pinocchio, how big does the puppet's "nose" get?
  9. Who referred to Jafar as "that freak with the hat" in private conversation?
  10. Official Disney archivist Dave Smith has published a standard Disney reference encyclopedia and is known as a valuable source of Disney trivia questions. What is his favorite brand of underwear?
  11. Phil Harris, who provided voices for The Jungle Book and The Aristocrats, was married to screen actress Alice Fay. How many degrees of separation are there between Alice Fay and Francis Bacon?
  12. Which dwarf is anatomically correct?
  13. Name all 101 Dalmatians (hint, "Pongo" is Swedish for "pants")
  14. Where did the headless horseman's hat go?
  15. Toad Hall is made of bricks, as is Practical Pig's house. Mulan's house has paper walls. What light does this shine on The Sword in the Stone?
  16. The law of conservation of energy (in the form of the law of conservation of mass) implies that the Little Mermaid's legs should have the same mass that her tail did. If animators had applied this law correctly, how tall would Arial be?
  17. What Disney character was Hitler thinking about in the moment before heard the news that France was finally under Nazi control?
  18. What year is mentioned in the title of the motion picture Fantasia 2000?
  19. The stunt driver who operated Herbie the Love Bug in the original theatrical feature was crossing the street soon after the film's premier and ironically almost run over by whom?
  20. Having been brought up by apes, did Tarzan eat bugs? Isn't that gross?
  21. How many chromosomes does Stitch have?
  22. If Treasure Planet's vast hoard's of wealth were removed without triggering a planet-destroying trap of some kind, by what percentage would the average surface gravity be reduced by the loss of mass?
  23. How might the American Civil War have proceeded differently if General Grant had been replaced by Brother Bear?
  24. In The Emperor's New Groove, why do they have that lever?
  25. In Beauty and the Beast, what kind of monster is Chip?
  26. On what day of the week was Monsanto's Hall in the House of Inner Space opened?
  27. Beginning in what year did Disneyland prohibit riding atop the Monorail?
  28. How many sets of the 2003 roster of the Mighty Ducks would it take to equal the Matterhorn in weight? In ride capacity?
  29. What percentage of Disneyland cast members who portray characters in the park wear anything beneath their costumes?
  30. What act of Congress was enacted specifically in reaction to "it's a small world"?
  31. The sand used in the concrete that forms Main Street's sidewalks came from what quarry?
  32. On Gadget's Go Coaster, what is the total lateral acceleration experienced by a rider in the first car over the course of the ride?
  33. How much energy (in joules) would be released if the Monorail collided with a Disneyland Railroad train?
  34. How many frames in the films shown in the Main Street Cinema were drawn exclusively by Ub Iwerks?
  35. At the peak of its rodent problem, how many mice lived in Sleeping Beauty's castle?
  36. What is the official EPA-rated bacteria level of the Rivers of America?
  37. Tom Sawyer's Island was originally part of what country?
  38. The Mark Twain Riverboat could be broken down and used to build a standard bonfire of what height?
  39. Who's buried beneath the petrified tree?
  40. How many moths are incinerated during a summer performance of Fantasmic?
  41. If the animatronic figures from Pirates of the Caribbean and the animatronic figures from The Haunted Mansion had a tug of war, which side would win? What if the Tiki Room birds helped out?
  42. How much does Disneyland pay Dr. Falls annually for the right to use his name on a Jungle Cruise waterfall?
  43. How much liquid can a Mad Tea Party cup hold? How much would be lost due to spillage caused by centripetal force during the course of a ride?
  44. When Tinker Bell flies from the Matterhorn to the castle as part of a fireworks celebration, why does she have to be on a wire instead of just flying under her own power?
  45. Why is it illegal to purchase fudge from the candy shop in Frontierland, repackage it under your own name, buy it again, and then throw it at people on the Autopia?
  46. On Disneyland's opening day, where did Art Linkletter absentmindedly leave his pen?
  47. In the context of New Orleans Square, what is the significance of the phrase, "touch that before it dries and I'll slap your head off"?
  48. When the numbers in the name of Disneyland's exclusive Club 33 are rotated a quarter of a turn counter-clockwise, they vaguely resemble the name of what popular candy (with the ampersand removed)?
  49. Where should you go in Disneylnd if you feel the sudden urge to lick something?
  50. Walt Disney was a man of incredible vision, with the ability to gather and inspire the most skillful workers and creative talents. He created theme parks that are, to this day, unequalled anywhere in the world, and he forever changed the way people think of animated films. The company he started remains unique in corporate America. How many lawyers does it employ?

2003 Annual Disney Trivia Quiz Answers

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