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July 2005

Every once in a while we will publish a list of current topics and comments of note from the DisneyLies.com discussion boards for the benefit of those of you who are not privy to its secrets. Topics are arranged by forum section.

Disneyland Resort

"I can't believe that everyone is saying that the accident on California Screamin' is just a minor 'fender bender.' I mean, the car had to be seriously out of control and/or lost to hit the Tower of Terror, didn't it?"

"Rumor has it that DCA is going to give up on Screamin' entirely, give Paradise Pier a 'Venice Beach' makeover, and turn Screamin's track into a health-oriented bicycle path. My question is: how many people do they think will be strong enough to get their bicycle around the loop? And will they keep the magnetic launch?"

"When they roll out the night-time version of Space Mountain -- Rockit Mountain -- they will also be rolling out a night-time Jungle Cruise. The 'Welcome to the Jungle' cruise will be high speed, all in the dark, and feature the music of Guns and Roses. Cool!"

"I just heard from a Cast Member in the know that the closing of Pirates in October is not for a refurb. It's just to give the stinky pirates a bath."

"They're talking about making a Cars themed ride at DCA. Apparently it'll be a lot like the Autopia, except the cars will have personality and say 'Ow!' when you ram other drivers."

Other Resorts

"I just scheduled a trip for WDW because of the new free-dining plan where you get free meals along with your stay. My only disappointment is that the person who took my reservation told me that the free meals are limited to churros and soda. The plus side is that you can have as many as you want!"

"They announced that there will be a Shanghai Disneyland in a couple of years. I think that before they spend a lot of time and money building another foreign park, they should look at making another one back home. Maybe they could buy one of the Hawaiian islands and do a total Disney conversion. It could even be a stop on the Disney cruise line!"

"I was amazed that the Shanghai park is supposed to open in 2012 with construction beginning in 2011. That is, I was amazed until I found out that the whole thing will be prefab! Apparently, Disney has started up a plant in Hong Kong that will crank out easy-to-assemble 'Disneylands' as part of their plan of global domination. One Disney executive was heard to say, 'We won't stop until we've oversaturated the travel industry and nobody wants to ever go to a Disney park again.'"

Disney Films

"Has anyone gone to see Sky High? Anyone? Hello?"

"The script for Toy Story III that was leaked onto the Internet is an obvious fraud! The 'Buzz gets recalled' plot is so obvious that there's no way it came from a quality sequel factory like Disney!"

"Rumor has it that, as a cost-saving measure, three feature films will combine production teams, resulting in a new animated feature, Unbraiding Wilbur Robinson's Dog."

"Are you sure that all of the Muppets are gay? Even Gonzo?"

Disney Business

"Two months to Eisner's funeral. Woo hoo!"

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