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Walt Disney Treasures: Wave 2

December 2002

Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studio

Beginning in 1937, Walt Disney used his studio as a subject for short films and a location for longer ones. This not only allowed viewers a look at the "secret" process of animation, but was also, in the words of Walt Disney's brother Roy, "Cheap."

At the time these films were made, the average person knew very little about how an animated film was created or how a big movie studio was run. This allowed Disney and his employees a great deal of leeway in what they showed. In fact, they very often staged events that looked good on film but that never would take place in real life (e.g., Walt Disney hand animating every frame of Snow White himself, a group of picketers putting down their signs and saying they were "just kidding," happily chatting groups of high-paid minorities). Possibly the best example would be when, in a 1938 film, Disney shows off a great cabinet of whirring dials and blinking lights and talks about how many of his competitors cartoons "are now almost completely computer animated, completely sucking the life out of their characters because it makes them more concerned with looks than heart." In fact, at that time less than 10% of cartoons were computer animated.

This Disney Treasure contains all of these behind-the-scenes films and many exciting supplemental features, including:

  • A Trip Through the Walt Disney Studio, Including the Grand Canyon and Realm of the Dinosaurs
  • How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made from Tired Old Books
  • The Reluctant Animator
  • Tricks of Our Treats
  • The Story of Automated Drawing
  • The Plausible Kimpossible
  • The drawing of every frame of the cartoon Baby Weems shown in real time
  • The infamous "Nine Dirty Old Men" film

Mickey Mouse in Black and White

The 34 original black-and-white Mickey Mouse cartoons on these disks were released between 1928 and 1929, a period of incredible productivity for the Walt Disney Studios. They are incredible, high-energy journeys, unmarred by complexity or realistic movement, that we assume are as captivating to youngsters today as they were when they were first released.

The selections include many timeless classics, including:

  • "Steamcleaned Willie"
  • "Just Plain Crazy"
  • "Mickey's Pioneer Orphans"
  • "Mickey's Nightmare Duck Hunt"
  • "The Mad Doctor's Gorilla Chain-Gang Mystery"
  • "Two-Gun Firefighter"
  • "Gulliver Mickey's Modest Proposal"

The Complete Goofy

Starting in 1939 and into the early 1960s, Goofy was the star of dozens of cartoons that poked fun at current sports and activities while at the same time teaching valuable lessons about sportsmanship, preparedness, and surviving fatal accidents. This DVD set collect all of Goofy's solo cartoons from this period

  • "How To Warm a Bench"
  • "The Tedium That Is Cricket"
  • "Mixing Batter for a Plain Vanilla Cake"
  • "Baking a Plain Vanilla Cake"
  • "Frosting a Plain Vanilla Cake"
  • "High Diving into a Plain Vanilla Cake"
  • "Jai Alai Homicide"
  • "If You Can Kill It, You Can Skin It!"
  • "Mudwrestling Mama"
  • "Pachinko Mania!"
  • "Goofy's JATOmobile"
  • "Self Defense against Fresh Fruit"
  • "How to Wrestle Alligators"
  • "Drive Like an Idiot (a.k.a. "Drive Like You're from Los Angeles")"
  • "Headhunter for a Day"
  • "Fight That Chicken!"
  • "How To Have Fun when Smoking"
  • "Teachers Are People?"
  • "How To Be a Sideshow Success"
  • "Walking on Fire"
  • "Snore Like a Pro!"

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