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In 2001, Disney began to release its Walt Disney Treasures series of DVDs. These handsome collectors editions contained as many as twelve DVDs each, filled with meticulously restored Disney archive footage, copious extras, and gushing commentary by film historian and animation geek Leonard "The Beard" Maltin. Each individually signed and numbered edition came in an archival-quality leather-bound DVD case, ensconced in a temperature-controlled iron box. These exclusive, expensively produced DVD sets were limited to 1.5 million copies apiece and could be purchased at a discount retailer for about $25.

The Treasures were released in "waves" of three or four disks.

  • Wave 1: December 2001
  • Wave 2: December 2002
  • Wave 3: May 2004
  • Wave 4: December 2004 (coming soon)
  • Future waves
  • (coming soon)

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