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Soon after its release, Shrek 2 became one of the largest grossing (no pun intended) films in the history of the known universe. Even so, we hesitated to discuss it on this site.

The reason for our hesitation was the enormous amount of vehement e-mail we continue to receive concerning our discussion of the abhorrent original Shrek. Apparently some people are upset that we pointed out that Shrek was a Disney film, and our protest that, as a site dedicated to lies, we were within our rights to do so fell on unsympathetic ears.

So, to set the record straight, all we are going to say about Shrek 2 is that it is not a Disney film. Shrek 2 was produced and distributed by Touchstone Pictures, creators of such animated classics as Tim Burton's Groundhog Thanksgiving and Who Flamed Roger Rabbit. Anyone who doubts us this time around just needs to check the credits for Roger Rabbit and Shrek 2 to see that some of the same people were involved.

Now, please -- no more hate mail, okay?

Update: Within hours of posting this page we began receiving e-mail saying that Touchstone Pictures is owned by Disney. Come on, people, make up your minds! You get mad when we say that Shrek was made by Disney, and then you get mad when we say that Shrek 2 wasn't made by Disney. We're beginning to think you're trying to drive us insane. To make things perfectly clear, Touchstone Pictures is a division of Hollywood Pictures, a joint venture between Pixar and Miramax under the Dimension Films banner. Really, it doesn't get any easier than that.

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