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Disneyland employees -- or, rather "cast members" -- have a vocabulary all their own. The idea is that using a unique vocabulary will help maintain the special feeling of the park. Some examples:

adult = anyone over 10 years of age (as of April 2000).

attraction / adventure = show / ride. A pouty kid throwing herself on the floor in the Emporium because she can't buy a gigantic stuffed animal is an attraction. A trip in an ambulance is an adventure.

backstage / onstage = behind the scenes / in front of guests. A cast member must always be in character when on stage. Peter Pan must wait until he's backstage to admit that he's a girl.

cast member = CM = Disneyland park employee. Cast members aren't hired, they're cast, because Disneyland isn't a park, it's a "show." Annual pass holders who are in Disneyland every hour it's open every day are not cast members, they just think they are.

costume = uniform. A Winnie the Pooh outfit is a costume. A cast member puts on a costume before going out to sweep Main Street. A hasmat suit necessary when entering one of the more vile areas of the tunnels beneath the park is also a costume.

guest = customer. Customers are always right (guests aren't).

guest control = crowd control. Riot control is "additional guest control." Tear gas is "vision control."

health services = first aid. Along the same lines, the fire department is referred to as rapid oxidation services.

in character = a cast member acting the part they were hired to play. Mary Poppins saying she's "practically perfect" is "in character." Mary Poppins saying she's "probably pregnant" is "fired."

passport = ticket. Disneyland is technically a sovereign nation.

pre-show = line. During the summer, some attractions and adventures may have an excessively redundant, unscripted pre-show lasting several hours.

security host = park security officer. Security hosts are unarmed, but are trained to kill eight ways from a distance of ten feet (fifteen feet for supervisors). They are also sworn to give their lives before letting a child see that there is a person inside any costumed character.

virus = annual pass holder

At one time, Disneyland Resort management tried to convince cast members to talk only in Disnespeak when off stage. The effort was unsuccessful.

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