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May 1987

Wow -- five dollars!

Disney is the only large corporation that prints a currency for its theme parks (Stumpy's Alligator Farm in Florida is not a large corporation). Disney dollars are available in multiple denominations, and are redesigned every few years in the hope that the bills will collected instead of spent.

Because they are currency, Disney Dollars are designed to be difficult to counterfeit. Each bill is printed on 100% rag paper, made from old theme park costumes. They are printed on the same presses that the U.S. government uses to print its bills (Disney owns a 12% stake in the U.S. government). Each color on a Disney Dollar is actually a carefully designed pattern of four colors. A row of microprinting across the top of more recent bills reads "disneydollarsdisneydollars" etc., with the exception of a single intentional (rather humorous) misspelling.

The serial numbers of the bills are based on a complex code. With the exception of five bills specially created for collectors, every bill's serial number is the sum of three primes, and can be expressed as a whole number in binary. A counterfeiter who picks serial numbers that don't obey these (and many other) rules, will find his fakes easily uncovered.

Unfortunately, because Disney Dollars are not real currency, they are easier to counterfeit than you might expect. DisneyLies.com has no interest in ripping off the Disney corporation. However, if you do not have such scruples, we suggest that you send your name and address to to I Want To Forge Disney Dollars, 1313 Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, Calif. 92802. You'll be taken care of.

Because Disney has gone out of its way to make Disney Dollars very much like real currency, the dollars have a great deal in common with "real" cash. Here's a quick comparison:

  $ U.S. $ Disney
Available at Any merchant, bank, or ATM in the country Disney theme parks and stores
$1 bill worth $1 $1
On front Dead president Anthropomorphic animal
On back Famous building More famous building
Interesting icons Pyramid with eye on top; bird with leaves and weapons Highly detailed, stylized "Mickey" symbol; fairy with no visible bust
Signed by Some guy Some duck
Denominations available $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 $1, $5, $10, $1,000
Can be used Anywhere in the country and in many foreign lands In a number of kingdoms, lands, studios, and other select locations
They'd prefer that you spend it Domestically Never
Counterfeiting countermeasures Various images not visible to reflected light; microprinting; special ink; magnetic signature; onerous federal laws Microprinting; holograms; animation visible when a stack of 100 or more bills of the same denomination and serial-number order are fanned quickly; massive legal department
Counterfeited by Professional counterfeiters, amateur counterfeiters, foreign governments bent on destabilizing the American economy Bitter Dreamworks employees
Abuses investigated by United States Treasury Department Secret Death Squads
Can be used to buy sexual favors from Snow White No No
Can be used to buy sexual favors from drunken coeds Yes Yes

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