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The Disneyland Resort has more obsessively devoted fans than any attraction on the planet that doesn't promise miraculous cures. Disney super fans -- or Disneymaniacs, as they like to be called -- generally own annual passes, even if they live nowhere near the resort. Some visit weekly; even daily. They love Disney and everything about it. They love to collect anything with Disneyland printed on it. And they, to a one, hate this Web site.

One of the premier resources for the most fanatic of Disneymaniacs is the Laughing Place Web site (see link below). It is not just another of the thousands of Disneyland fan sites, it's a true haven for the fanatic's fanatic. Here are some reasons why:

A fanatic's Web site
  • Laughing Place posts every piece of news from any newspaper on the planet that so much as mentions Disneyland.
  • They put up weekly updates with photographs of anything that has changed in the Disneyland resort in the last seven days. If a ride queue is reorganized, a piece of paint flakes, or a horse gets a haircut, it's photographically documented.
  • Most amazing of all, Laughing Place offers what it calls the Disneyland Visitor's Service. For a significant fee in addition to actual costs, one or more Laughing Place employees will visit the Disneyland Resort for you, go on the attractions you instruct them to go on, eat where and what you tell them to eat, and purchase whatever souvenirs you like. When they're done, they send you a customized travelogue of the trip, along with photos and your souvenirs.

Individual Disneymaniacs have also distinguished themselves. One gentleman saw every performance of the Main Street flag retreat ceremony from the day the park opened until the day he died (in August of 1955). Another collects Disneyland entry tickets with numbers ending in 100 and has been known to pay premium prices for tickets with three or more zeros at the end. And dozens of proposals of marriage have been made on the Matterhorn, on Tom Sawyer Island, or within the Haunted Mansion.

If you are a Disneymaniac, DisneyLies wants to hear from you. E-mail a photograph and your claim to fame to liar@disneylies.com. We may post your photo on these pages, and we won't waste a lot of time verifying your claim.

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