Disneyland Resort

Park Attendance

Disneyland has always done well in terms of attendance. There were 28,154 guests on opening day, and an additional 90 million watched on TV (many of them avoiding paying by using counterfeit televisions). The one-millionth guest crossed the park's threshold a few months after opening in September of 1955.

Record attendance numbers came fast and furious after that. The 10-millionth guest in 1957, the 100-millionth in 1971, the quarter-billionth in 1985, and the 450-millionth in 2001. The only significant blip in Disneyland's series of record attendance levels came in 1984 when, for some reason, only six people visited the park.

The Disneyland Resort's daily attendance figures vary significantly, depending on weather and holiday schedules. The graph below shows relative attendance throughout the year, with particular high and low periods highlighted. You may want to refer to it when planning your next trip.

Disneyland average attendance chart

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