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Annual Passes

The Disneyland Resort offers annual passes as a way for guests who plan to visit multiple times during the year to save significant money. A guests with a "2 Park" Premium Annual Passport will, for example, break even after visiting Disneyland only thirty times during the course of a year.

Some annual pass holders (or APs) are complete fanatics about the resort, visiting at every day or more. A few of these fanatics have come to the attention of cast members, and not necessarily in a good way.

"Annual pass holders, and particularly premium APs, are a total pain in the ass," said April Marie Cummings, a cast member who wishes to remain anonymous. "They constantly complain about cracked paint, whine that this or that thing isn't ‘what Walt would have wanted,' and ask us to eject people from the park because they smell like they've chewed gum. They are also always pumping us for information about what is changing in the park, when refurbs are going to be done, and things like that. We have sort of an informal policy to just make stuff up if someone gets annoying. Just yesterday I told an AP guy that Disneyland was going to be making big improvements to its classic attractions for the park's 50th anniversary, and he believed me! The sad SOB probably spent the rest of the night bragging about it to other nuts on the Internet."

A variety of annual passes is available, each offering a different level of benefits.

Pass Type Benefits
"2 Park" Premium Annual Passport
  • Entrance to either park on any day of the year
  • 10% discount on purchases over $10
  • Discounts at some Downtown Disney restaurants and shops
  • Free parking
  • 10-15% discount at some Disney restaurants
  • Discounts at resort hotels
  • Subscription to Disney Magazine
  • Invitation to special events
  • Name printed in Disney's "Big Book of Good Folks"
  • Right to annoy cast members and generally act like you own the place
"2 Park" Deluxe Annual Passport
  • Entrance to either park on 320 pre-selected days (generally not including Saturdays during the months of March through August and holidays)
  • 10% discount at most Disney restaurants
  • Discounts at resort hotels
  • Immunity from being called up on stage and taunted during Golden Horseshoe performances
Standard Annual Passport
  • Entrance to one park of the holder's choice on any non-holiday weekday
  • Extra butter on any popcorn purchased at full price
Basic Annual Passport
  • Entrance to one park of the Disneyland Resort's choice on any Tuesday or Thursday that the resort is at less than 40% capacity
  • Entrance to no rides or attractions (except shooting gallery)
  • Compulsory attendance on Michael Eisner's birthday
  • Additional 10% admission fee when visiting Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, or any Six Flags attraction

The Limited Edition "2 Park" Super Deluxe Executive Passport (which included all the benefits of the "2 Park" Premium Annual Passport plus a seat on the Disney board of directors) is no longer available.

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