Toon Town Shops and Restaurants

Toon Town has very little in the way of restaurants, just a few counter-service stands (Pluto's Hot Dogs, Three Little Pigs Barbecue, and Donald's Roast Duck, to name a few).

There is one large store in Toon Town, the Gag Factory. The shop is a factory in name only (actual production of gags stopped there in 1993 when ACME Gag Works merged with the ACME Rope and Shackle Works under the umbrella of United Kidnappers). The Gag Factory sells the usual t-shirts and plush destructables, as well as a number of humorous novelties -- 20,000-volt hand buzzers, anvils, dynamite, and the like. Every guest entering within half an hour of closing is smacked in the face with a pie (choice of three flavors).

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