Mickey's Toontown

January 1993

When Toon Town was opened to the public in 1993, the conceit was that it had been there all along but that until that time only Walt Disney had been allowed to visit. This is, of course, not true. Disney executives have been allowed to make limited visits to Toon Town ever since Disney's death in 1966. Unfortunately, the downturn of the market for cartoon shorts had a heavy impact on Toon Town's economy, leading to the decision to make it accessable to tourists.

Toon Town includes several attractions and residences that are open to the public, including Chip ‘n Dale's treehouse, Donald's boat, Goofy's playhouse, and Mickey and Minnie's houses. There are also a number of interactive outdoor attractions, such talking telephones and manhole covers, a dairy that squirts milk, a "jail" with wacky rubber bars on the window, a "navel base," and boxes which beep, buzz, clunk, or just plain explode when opened. The door to the Toon Town power station can also be opened, leading to a nasty electrical shock that's only funny to people watching (we recommend telling your whining kid to go try it).

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