Gadget's Go Coaster

January 1993

Gadget's overworked Go Coaster

Gadget's Go Coaster is the only thrill ride in Toon Town (the Roger Rabbit ride isn't really thrilling, it's just insane), and as such has enjoyed higher-than-expected popularity from day one. The ride originally featured a single car which went around the mildly bumpy track at an appropriately kid-friendly speed. This resulted in enormous lines and multi-hour waits -- not at all what the area of the park was designed for.

To alleviate the problem, Disney increased the speed of the ride, shaving the ride time from 52 seconds to about 20. When this didn't solve the problem, they added two more trains of cars. Lines are now more reasonable (except during peak periods), but riders must enter and exit cars with great haste to keep the whole works running smoothly.

Trivia: The entire ride is powered by squirrels.

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