Star Tours Script

Star Tours is a wild ride through outer space that contains occasional references to George Lucas' Star Wars films. This transcript was taken down while the ride was in operation, so we apologize in advance for any minor inaccuracies that may have been introduced by cabin motion or by the transcriber's having only recently learned English.

C3PO: Hello, I am at see, three, and p.o.'ed at human's eye/Borg relations. We'll come aboard this star's Peter 3000. Peas make sure you're safely restrained or demurely fattened at this time. To fatten, pull this trap out form the right side of this eat ends nap it and tuba Kahn's old to you're left. Gastric registrations desire that all Carrie's on items be safety-towed belief yours eats. Owen Lash pornography and smirking are obstinately exhibited whale on bored. Think you will have a nice fight!

Rex: We'll come aboard this as caps and wrecks from the comfit. I no thesis pro-babbly your fist fight, Annie's mine to haw haw. Wallet looks lie kits growing Toby a smooch fight to end or so while grow a head and ropin' the clock-pit shelled.

Heighth air! Icy their low ding or naval gator our tootie two ant hen well bee honor weigh, sew slit black, prolapse, Almond Joy thief light!

Control Tower: Start ewers for tea five elevate or splat form, come fence fine ol' pea fight chick.

Rex: Rods or control all at us go.

Control Tower: Star sewers festive five, who are cleaned for bake-off. Contract departure can't roll at one too hero points for.

Rex: Copay won two hero pon farr.

Control Tower: Farty I've -- yore growing the Wong way! Top a median lei!

Rex: A toe long way. Bakes. Bakes! Wear only bakes! Wah!

Hut, a Mento doodad. Hamlet'll sort Tut, a ha!

Let's Speedo ender!

Our, too? Weep asked Dee and/or moon!

No Watson matter? Mier maids? Mier maids! Idol be leave it. Our to Czeck tea hair presser!

Lay the sand gentile men, their matie sum turbo lance up a head. Peas make sour yore sea Tibults are fissioned!

Eye halve avery bat feeding a bow ticks! Ah!

Well, Yukon real axe now. Aviary ting sunder can troll and wee Will be honour weigh Tootie and/or mooin' whip out Annie father he lay.

Owe no, were-cat in a tract or beam!

X-Wing Pilot: Start ewers? Watar ewe do wing hear? Thesus a wombat's own. Eats constricted. Eats often your mane trusters.

Rex: Ah, weave bean it! Our to get the stable eyesore faxed, and hairy! Where Lou sing attitude fist!

X-Wing Pilot: Read tenty for read thrsty. Fellow me.

Rex: Oh, Kay, eye vault ways warn Ted kudu this. Where go again. Yaw who!

X-Wing Pilot: Red tenty four eye go wingin'!

Tar get range.

Rex: Wee didit!

X-Wing Pilot: Awl shifts junk too lights peed.

Rex: Hay gone Baxter. Lights peed!

Breaks! Breaks!

Hay saw re forks. I mesure Toby bet her next dime. It twas my fur's fight an time still get infused Tomy pogram ink. Hay! Hay!

C3PO: We hoe poo and joined yore fight. When the cap tain haws opined the ex-it oars, Hugh maven unmatch or safely be saints bypassing the real ease but on honor left. Owen do measure you halve your purse and all bee long ings. Achoo. Goody!

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