Tomorrowland Shops and Restaurants

Tomorrowland promotes its progressing-toward-the-future theme with eateries that focus on quickly served convenience foods with mild nutritional value.

Redd Rockett's Pizza Port is a counter-service pizza eatery with a name that instantly gives guests an impression of the entertaining and immersive theme the restaurant doesn't have. The restaurant was originally going to be called Pizza Planet, after the lively pizzeria where some of the action in Toy Story takes place. Unfortunately, Disney's legal department discovered that there was already a restaurant called Pizza Planet, and that the owner wanted like $50 for the rights to the name, and that would have been half of the theming budget right there.

Counter service, outdoor seating, and deep-fried items of all description (apples, cheesecake, butter) area available at Club Buzz -- Lightyear's Above the Rest! (note the humorously placed apostrophe). While eating here, guests have a nice view of the Club Buzz Space Stage Featuring Calling All Space Scouts... A Buzz Lightyear Adventure In Space. Apparently everything in Buzz Lightyear's universe has a very long name.

The main Tomorrowland shopping venue is The Star Trader. A large section of this shop is carved out for Star Wars related merchandise (including ewok pelts and actual, working-to-the-point-of-fatality light sabers) so that guests still reeling from Star Tours as they emerge from its exit can be handily stripped of their credits like a bantha left parked in a bad neighborhood.

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