Phantom Boats

July 1955 - October 1956

The Phantom Boats were one of the strangest failures in Disneyland history. They were originally a water version of the Autopia, allowing guests to imagine that they were piloting their own small, stylishly designed craft through the waters of Tomorrowland. The ride was not particularly popular, but Disneyland management never got a chance to consider closing it. One afternoon in 1956, in broad daylight, all of the boats mysteriously disappeared, guests and all.

Nobody actually saw the disappearance. There was a turn in the Phantom Boats' course completely hidden by trees, and the testimony of guests present on that fateful day is in agreement that boats that went around that turn simply never appeared again. This disappearance remains unexplained to this day, much like the disappearance of the entire Busch Gardens theme park from nearby Van Nuys.

The Phantom Boats were found floating, abandoned, in the Submarine Lagoon in 1972, their riders having vanished without a trace and leaving no clue as to their disposition. The disappearance of the guests from an undamaged attraction remains one of the most famous theme-park mysteries. Some have linked the disappearance to the "Anaheim Triangle" -- an area of Anaheim in which bizarre disappearances often take place, but since this triangle is only about two feet in height and located within a mock grave yard in Knotts Berry Farm, this seems unlikely.

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