Disneyland Monorail

June 1959

Monorail Mark

The Disney-Alweb Monorail System opened in June of 1959. Over the years, there have been many improvements to the Monorail, both to the trains themselves and to their route.

Year Improvement
1959 Original Mark I Monorail. Track is .8 miles through Tomorrowland
1961 Mark II Monorail. Track extended to reach from Tomorrowland to the Disneyland Hotel for a total of 2.5 miles of track.
1969 Mark III Monorail. Track extended an additional two miles so that return trips from the hotel are possible
1971 Mark IV Monorail tested, found inferior, shipped to Florida
1977 Track minorly extended to pass through the new Space Mountain.
1982 Monorail's "Superspeed" tunnel (in which films projected on tunnel walls made it appear that the vehicle was moving really fast) rethemed with footage from the movie Tron.
1987 Mark V Monorail. First class section with very brief beverage service added.
2001 Track again extended to pass through new Disney California Adventure park with a stop at Los Angeles International Airport

At one time, young guests and their families could ask to ride in the cockpit with the driver. This is no longer allowed, after a 2003 incident in which a self-proclaimed militant hijacked Monorail and attempted to escape with it to Mexico (due to quick work by Disney security, he was unable to even leave the park with it).

Trivia: All of the monorails are named Mark, after their inventor, Mark.

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