Tomorrowland: Future Attractions

As the world changes, so much Tomorrowland change. Here we have descriptions for some of the Tomorrowland attractions Disneyland currently has in the works. Remember that budget cuts, changes in attendance, unforeseen circumstances, office politics, and managerial whims may change these plans at any time, and that estimated opening dates are not included because, frankly, they're never met anyway.

Star Tours: Episode 5

After more than a decade in service, Star Tours will finally receive a new film (numbered Episode 5 because, for reasons known only to Imagineers, the first film was labeled Episode 4). The new film will be based on characters and situations in the second Star Wars trilogy. The robot pilot from the original ride will be replaced with a high-tech Jar Jar Binks animatronic figure that just won't stop talking. Attendance is expected to be low.

Find Nemo: A Submarine Adventure

The original Submarine Voyage attraction will be reopened, pretty much as it was when it closed in 1998, but with the addition of a single live baby clown fish named Nemo which will be allowed to roam free in the attraction. Guests are invited to watch carefully and try to "find Nemo."

Glorious Return of the People Mover

We just put this entry here because we wish it were true.

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