Pirates: Spring Break in the Caribbean

The Spring Break makeover of Pirates of the Caribbean runs for a month each spring corresponding, of course, to college spring break. The makeover has three main components:

First, the "swamp" scene becomes a lively, raucous, display of partying animatronic drunkards and scantily clad animatronic coeds on house boats. The alligator that lurks in the water floats feet up with a bottle of beer protruding from its mouth. The old man who normally sits quietly on his porch, rocking slowly in his chair and smoking a pipe, is instead cursing at "those darned kids".

Second, the caverns and skeleton scenes do not have any added animatronics (largely for budgetary reasons). Instead, they are redecorated so that it appears that a wild party had taken place in the ride the night before. There are beer cans everywhere, kegs floating in the water, an unconscious guy is buried under a pile of gold, underwear can be seen draped in clever places, and there is graffiti and other acts of humorous vandalism. No used condoms, vomit, or dead bodies are visible -- this is still a family show.

The most spectacular changes are made to the fully animated pirate scenes. All pirates are reclothed as college students, their weapons replaced with beverage containers. The large pirate-ship battle scene becomes a gigantic seaside party with Girls Gone Wild-style flashing from the battlements, but aside from that, most scenes do not have to be significantly changed in anything but clothing, dialogue, and window dressing. Dunking, town burning, imprisonment, food stealing, and auctioning of women all fit quite nicely with the new theme.

For a detailed rundown of how the "Yo ho" song is reworked for Spring Break, visit the Pirates lyrics page (see the link below).

If the Spring Break version of Pirates turns out to be as popular as Disney executives expect it to be, additional seasonal makeovers may be planned for the near future, including:

  • Chinese New Year in the Sky Fireworks
  • Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher's Valentine Island of Love
  • Black History Month on Splash Mountain
  • St. Patrick's Wild Ride
  • Main Street Station Daylight Savings Time Clock Adjusting Ceremony (twice annually)
  • A Very Merry Passover Parade
  • The Walt Disney Story featuring "Great Moments with the Easter Bunny"
  • Labor Day Land Canal Boats
  • Snow White's Scary Mother's Day Adventure
  • The Patriotic Tiki Room
  • Alice in Wonderland's Insanely Mad Halloween Tea Party
  • Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin Tribute to Veterans Everywhere
  • Honey, I Shrunk the Turkey
  • Pearl Harbor playing on six screens in the Main Street Cinema on December 7
  • "Hakuna Hanukkah" at the Fantasyland Theater

The subject of appropriate Martin Luther King's Birthday, Ground Hog Day, and Holocaust Memorial Day attractions is still being debated within Disney management.

Pirates of the Caribbean
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