Haunted Mansion: Graveyard

Doom Buggies float out through the attic window and slide down the Mansion's roof to the Graveyard. On the way down, a number of spooky trees are passed. These trees originally moved menacingly, but they've long since broken and have never been repaired because an old woman with a heart condition, etc.

At the graveyard's entrance, the caretaker (played by Don Knotts) and his dog stand shivering in fear. That they will soon be scared to death is evident from the fact that the two figures appear later in the ride wrapped as mummies. The poor dog is obviously starving, and his thinness inspired a visiting rock band to name itself Skinny Puppy. On the ground near the caretaker are a pair of shoes that once belonged to Walt Disney -- an obscure reference to the fact that in certain Eastern religions dead people are always depicted as barefoot (like Paul on the cover of Abbey Road).

A set of five busts -- Uncle Theodore, Rollo Rumkin, Ned Nub, Rufus, and Big Al -- sings the mansion's theme song as Doom Buggies pass. One of the Phantom Five is obviously Walt Disney. Park employees will tell you that this is not Walt Disney at all, but Tony the Tiger. Not to insult anyone's intelligence, but seriously -- Walt Disney and Tony the Tiger look nothing alike.

At the end of the Graveyard, one of the last figures is a woman opera singer because "It ain't over ‘till the fat lady sings."

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