Disney Gallery

July 1987

The space above Pirates of the Caribbean was once intended as private apartment space for Walt and Roy Disney (you can still see their initials in the ironwork around the balconies, a New Orleans tradition that binds their spirits inexorably to the structure and puts a fatal curse on anyone who would dare use the building for anything but its intended purpose). Unfortunately, Walt passed away before the space could be put to use. The area was used for storage, private parties, and bizarre hazing rituals for twenty years, until it was opened as an art gallery in 1987.

The Disney Gallery offers various items for sale to collectors (e.g. original blueprints, retired ride vehicles, aging Imagineers, t-shirts), and hosts exhibitions of Disney-related artwork. Previous exhibitions have been dedicated to the changing face of Tomorrowland, the Haunted Mansion, the Crane Company Bathroom of Tomorrow , Pirates of the Caribbean, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Another very successful exhibition featured a selection of the "100 Mickeys" paintings done by Eric Robison in honor of the 100th anniversary of Walt Disney's birth. A follow-up exhibition -- 1,000,000 Mickeys -- is currently in production, and is expected to be completed for premier in 2857.

Disney Gallery

The Disney Gallery's balcony has a wonderful view overlooking the Rivers of America, and as such it is the perfect spot from which to watch a performance of Fantasmic. Special reserved seating is available, and guests in these seats are pampered with fine deserts, beverages, and kind words. If you're short, a cast member of your gender will happily allow you to sit on his or her lap. Foot massages are available. Reserved seating tickets are available 30 days in advance of the performance, cost hundreds of dollars, can't be exchanged or refunded, are available only to organ donors, and usually sell out within twelve seconds.

Trivia: There really is no Disney Gallery. We made it up.

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