Park Secrets

Because it was created by imaginative people with too much time on their hands, a number of secrets and in-jokes have been built into Disneyland. Most of these are detailed in the appropriate subsection of this site. A few general bits of information are appropriate here, however.

Item: Although Disneyland has a reputation for cleanliness, it has had its share of problems. The guest pictured above -- speaking on condition of anonimity -- contracted a case of food poisoning during a visit to the park and was in a coma for several days. Although a Disney employee did come to her rescue, the company fully exploited the commercial potential of their "heroic" efforts.

Item: A vast network of corridors spiderwebs through the ground beneath Disneyland, offering access to every ride, restaurant, and restroom. Complex pneumatic devices within these corridors carry garbage to vast incinerators, whose smoke is stored up and released during the evening fireworks spectacular (Disney has been using patented smokeless fireworks for decades). Because of Disney's corporate policy not to kill any rodents (for obvious reasons), some sections of the corridors are almost completely overrun with giant rats who subsist entirely on leftover popcorn.

Item: In the old days before Disneyland had its own parking structure, parking attendants used to route cars so that very, very old guests and hearses would all be parked in the same area.

Item: Hidden cameras film almost everything that happens in the park -- for "security" reasons. Night-vision cameras are used to film the darkened interiors of rides. Over the years, thousands of folks who thought they were out of sight have been caught on film having intimate relations on rides, in hidden corners, and in their cars in the Disneyland's parking lot. A compilation of these films, Guests Gone Wild, is currently for sale over the Internet.

Item: You can't purchase gum at Disneyland. Not only is gum a mess to clean up, its scent throws off the drug-sniffing robots.

Item: During the Vietnam War, a group of "hippies" tried to stage a protest on Main Street. Disney security was ready for them, however. The hippies were quickly rounded up, given haircuts, and forced to get real jobs.

Item: The first baby born at Disneyland arrived in July of 1979, but the first wedding in the park was not held until 1995 -- more than twenty years later. Many critics have asked if this is the kind of behavior a park with a traditional-family-values message should allow.

Item: In New Orleans Square there is a keystone with the number 1164 on it. The number is the number of bricks used in construction of the structure.

Item: Many of the trees that were on the property that would become Disneyland still exist. Each of them has a little brass plaque on it. You can find one of these plaques on a palm tree near the Indiana Jones Adventure. No, there were no palm trees in the orange grove Walt Disney purchased. This palm has completely devoured the orange tree that once stood in its place.

Item: There is a castle-shaped time capsule buried beneath the compass that decorates the walkway in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. It is scheduled to be unearthed for the park's centennial, and contains Walt Disney's master plan for the first state-sized Disney resort.

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