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"A" ticket

For many years, Disneyland visitors had to purchase coupons in order to go on rides. Coupons were labeled "A," "B," "C," and (eventually) "D" and "E". The most popular rides (e.g. the Matterhorn) required "E" coupons, and guests could ride less popular rides (e.g. a colicky Frontierland mule) for an "A" coupon. Adult riders of "it's a small world" were given two "E" coupons. These coupons were a way for Disney to make money, and to encourage people to visit less popular attractions.

Coupons were available in aptly-named "ticket books" or could be purchased individually. For example, in 1966 coupon prices were as follows:

Sample Attractions
"A" 10 cents Tom Sawyer Island
Carousel of Progress Construction Site
"B" 25 cents, or two "A" coupons and 5 cents Alice in Wonderland
Shooting Gallery
"C" 35 cents, or three "A" coupons and 5 cents, or a "B" coupon and 10 cents Autopia
Snow White's Adventures
Park Exit
"D" 45 cents, or four "A" coupons and 5 cents, or two "A" coupons and a "B" coupon, or a "C" coupon and an "A" coupon Disneyland Railroad
Skyway to Fantasyland
Raft to Tom Sawyer Island
"E" 60 cents, or six "A" coupons, or a "B" coupon and three "A" coupons and 5 cents, or two "B" coupons and an "A" coupon, or a "C" coupon and two "A" coupons and 5 cents, or a "C" coupon and a "B" coupon, or a "D" coupon and an "A" coupon and 5 cents Jungle Cruise
Raft Back From Tom Sawyer Island
Enchanted Tiki Room

Eventually, Disney just gave up and let everyone on everything for the price of admission.

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