Over the years, hundreds of celebrities -- ranging from heads of state to people who think they're famous because they were in a crowd scene in a commercial once -- have visited Disneyland. Some examples:

Richard Nixon visited Disneyland in 1959 to participate in the monorail dedication ceremony. He returned in 1968 with Ron Ziegler and H.R. Haldeman (who would be his administration's press secretary and chief advisor), both of whom had worked in Disneyland knew many of its secrets. It is during this visit that Nixon learned the late Walt Disney had used his suggestion to install microphones in Club 33's chandeliers.

In February of 1992, Elizabeth Taylor forked over big bucks to have Disneyland closed for the day so that she could hold her 60th birthday party there. At that time, she promised that all of her future weddings would be held in the park.

Michael Jackson loves Disneyland. Unfortunately, he is so recognizable that he can't show his face in public without being mobbed and/or arrested. To get around this problem, he has occasionally made arrangements with Disneyland to appear as one of the costumed characters -- usually Goofy, Happy, or Cinderella.

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev was famously not allowed to visit Disneyland during his 1959 trip to the United States. The official reason was that they were afraid that spies accompanying the premier would try and steal plans for the newly opened Submarine Voyage's submarines, but the truth is that the designs for Rocket to the Moon's rocket-launching pads were still considered government secrets, so the attraction was off limits to foreigners (particularly "commies").

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