How Our Readers Are Celebrating Disneyland's 50th

Disneyland's 50th anniversary is something that comes along only once in an lifetime, so it's no wonder that so many Disneyland fans tried to do something to make it extra special. On this page, we list some of the things DisneyLies.com readers did to celebrate the event.

How our readers celebrated Disneyland's 50th

  1. Lose 50  pounds of ugly fat (hopefully starting with Michael Eisner's head).
  2. Ride"it's a small world" 50 times without ear protection.
  3. Eat 50 churros.
  4. Spend $50 on a t-shirt.
  5. Visiting Disneyland 50 times in one week and purchasing a separate admission ticket for each visit (note that this activity is officially endorsed by the Walt Disney Company, as is purchasing a block of 50 sequentially numbered park admission tickets and then not using them).
  6. Spend all of my time in just 50% of Disneyland.
  7. Max out my credit cards buying 50 sets of $50 worth of the new 50th anniversary Disney Dollars, and then tell my 50 creditors that they have a 50% chance of ever seeing even 50 cents on the dollar when I declare bankruptcy.
  8. Tell every cast member I see that that they "look great for 50 years old."
  9. Tip $50 for everything, even turkey legs.
  10. Memorize the exact GPS coordinates of 50 famous Disneyland attractions.
  11. Spend 50 hours in a mouse suit.
  12. Buy one of those $30 desert plates, but insist on paying $50.
  13. Learn to count to 50.
  14. Get on the Autopia and drive 50 mph.
  15. Carry nothing but $50 bills and 50-cent pieces all year.
  16. Only listen to music from 1955.
  17. Photograph each of the 50th anniversary icons around Disneyland and post their photos on my blog to show that I have too much free time
  18. Find 50 people who have all recently suffered a loss and get them all together to ride the Haunted Mansion and simultaneously dump out the ashes of their loved ones.
  19. Sing "50 Bottles of Rum on the Wall" all through Pirates of the Caribbean.
  20. While a Cast Member in City Hall, denying 50 Guest Assistance Cards.
  21. Buy 50 stuffed Mickeys and insist on Riding Space Mountain with them all (one per seat).
  22. Get your picture taken with 50 Disney characters and then post them on 50 different internet sites.
  23. Buy 50 different Disney golf balls for $5 a piece and then throw them all at the singing dolls in "it's a small world."
  24. Moon 50 different cast members. And get kicked out of the park 50 different times.
  25. Ride each attraction 50 times over 50 uninterrupted hours, even if it means cutting in line and using threats of lethal force to make cast members keep attractions open way after closing time.
  26. Come up with 50 different "Disneyland is 50" activities and leave 50 printed copies in "secret" locations throughout Disneyland.
  27. Be thrown out of the park 50 times in 50 hours for stalking 50 different characters (or just one character 50 times), whether they are in costume or not.
  28. Round up 50 kids and then take them to get 50 birthday stickers each so that they can be congratulated by 50 characters and take 50 photos with each character 50 times.

Disneyland's 50th Anniversary
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