Main Street Vehicles

July 1955

Several vehicles are available to take guests from one end of Main Street to the other (but no round trips, please!) Vehicles include an old-fashioned car, an old-fashioned fire engine, an old-fashioned double-decker bus, an old-fashioned hearse, and an old-fashioned horse-drawn trolley.

Tragedy struck one day when one of the large horses pulling the trolley had a heart attack in the middle of Main Street, possibly because it overheard Disney executives planning to close the submarine ride and not replace it with anything. The enormous horse was too large to lift or drag (despite valiant attempts by a whole host of costumed characters), and it repeatedly fell off a forklift brought out to haul it away. Instead, workers had to disassemble the horse with hacksaws and take it away, piece by piece, in wheelebarrows. In retrospect, workers should probably have simply covered the animal with a tarp and put off the work until after the park closed for the day.

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