Shops and Restaurants

Over the years, Main Street has been host to a wide variety of shops, including those selling...

  • Candy
  • Tobacco
  • Pianos
  • Fine watches
  • Hand-crafted jewelry
  • Sports memorabilia, and
  • Bras

...in addition to the usual souvenirs.

Only one shop, the Emporium, has been a relative constant. It has the largest selection of Disney merchandise in the park, fills up like a rush-hour Tokyo subway in the hour before closing, and does more business on a summer's day than some small towns do in a week. Cast members working at the Emporium are trained to deal with a variety of specialized emergencies, including guests suffering from lack of oxygen due to crowd compression, freaking out due to claustrophobia, and sobbing as they spend their last penny and now have no idea where they will get bus fare home.

A number of historic displays high up on the Emporium's walls set the shop's mood. Interestingly, in one of these displays is the only place in all of Disneyland where you will see the word "hysterectomy."

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