Walt Disney Story featuring "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln"

July 1965

This is the Disneyland attraction with the longest name, having gained that title after the closing of the Monsanto House of the Future Featuring Futuristic Things You'll Be Able to Buy in the Future. The attraction has into two parts -- a museum celebrating Walt Disney, and the presentation of a historical drama featuring a bearded presidential simulacrum.

Walt Disney StoryThe most interesting part of the museum portion of the attraction is Walt Disney's office, painstakingly moved, piece by piece, from its original location. The only things in the office that are not original are the Norman Rockwell paintings of Disney's daughters on the wall. The originals of these paintings were taken by Disney's daughters after he died, and Disney security was not able to catch them before they reached the Mexican border.

The view outside Disney's office is the original. Disney preferred a painted backdrop of the world outside his window to a real view that was subject to the whims of weather. "If I want to see it rain outside, I'll go to the Tiki Room," he was heard to say.

The second part of this attraction is centered on the animatronic likeness of Abraham Lincoln. You may be interested to know that:

  • Lincoln's speech has been changed through the years, from a "medly" of his speeches, to the Gettysburg Address, to a heart-felt reading of the lyrics to "Hakuna Matata."
  • Disney's private papers reveal that he at one time had wanted to add an animatronic John Wilkes Booth to the show.
  • The robot was not actually built by Lincoln, although he was consulted during its construction.

Trivia: The outfit the robotic Lincoln is wearing is the actual outfit that President Lincoln was buried in.

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