City Hall

July 1955

Although not officially an attraction, City Hall is in many ways the most important building on Main Street (aside from the bathrooms). The good folks at City Hall provide many important services to guests, including:

  • Providing park information
    • Unsubstantiated rumors
    • Entertainment schedules
    • Where characters can be found
    • What park tours are available
    • How to get to a certain attraction
    • Where annoying guests are congregating
  • Taking reports from guests
    • Compliments about cast members (stored in the cast member's permanent file)
    • Complaints or concerns about the park from guests (forwarded immediately to the resort president)
    • Complaints or concerns about the park from annual pass holders (discarded)
    • Holding messages from guests to other guests
  • Escorting lost guests (under the age of 10) to the Lost Children area
  • Directing lost guests (over the age of 10) to go sit on a bench somewhere
  • Smiling
  • Pretending to care

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