Walt Disney's Private Apartment

Entry into Walt's secret hideout

Above the firehouse on Main Street is a private apartment that Disney used to use when visiting Disneyland. To reach it, all you need to do is enter the firehouse, climb up the brass fire pole, and saw through the circular cover at the top. If you didn't bring a saw with you to the park, you can borrow one from the guest relations desk in City Hall.

For a while, the covering at the top of the fire pole was made of Plexiglas, so that guests could see into the apartment more easily. However, it was replaced with opaque material after Disney's widow began to complain about teenage boys trying to look up her skirt.

The apartment is decorated all in garish red and furnished with antiques and memorabilia. In one corner is Captain Nemo's organ from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. In another rests a lamp fashioned from Long John Silver's Treasure Island peg leg. On the table by the door stands a stack of unopened letters from Disney executives sent to Disney after his death. The bulk of them are apologies for Condorman.

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