Edison Square

July 1965 - August 1965

At one time, Edison Square branched off of Main Street, near where the parade route ends today. This was another small-town area, dedicated to turn-of-the century American inventiveness. The central attraction was a series of four buildings, each housing a show of prominent inventions from a different decade -- 1900, 1920, 1940, and 1960. The inventions were shown and described by an animatronic family -- Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother -- dressed in clothes of the period. During the presentation, a robot of Thomas Edison stood to the side of the stage, piping in whenever something he invented was shown. After the inventions of the 1960s were shown, guests entered a drawing room in which a highly detailed Edison robot answered questions and took credit for pretty much everything since the invention of the wheel.

The entire area had to be closed after only a short time, because the primative robots were difficult to control and would go off on a savage rampage at a moment's notice..

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