Frontierland Shootin' Exposition

July 1957

Since the day the park opened, Disneyland has had at least one place where kids and adults alike could go and shoot stuff.

The Main Street Shooting Gallery operated on Main Street (obviously) from the park's opening day. The Main Street Shooting Gallery closed in January of 1962 (and was, as is Disneyland's policy for closing Main Street attractions, replaced by a shop), but big-game-hunter wannabes only had to wait until June of that year for the Safari Shooting Gallery to open in Adventureland. Hopefully they didn't get too used to it, because the Safari gallery closed in 1982 (and was, as is Disneyland's policy for closing Adventureland attractions, replaced by a shop).

The Frontierland Shooting Gallery -- which is what we're really interested in here, opened in 1957. It featured real guns, shooting real bullets (well, pellets) at real targets. The targets had to be repainted every night because they got so seriously blasted during the course of the day, and cast members working the attraction had to be replaced frequently for much the same reason. In 1985, a stray shot from one of the pellet guns knocked a letter off of the gallery's sign, and instead of going to the expense of replacing it, Disney just changed the name of the attraction to the Frontierland Shootin' Arcade. In 1996, the attraction was completely reworked -- pellet guns were replaced with Terminator-style laser guns and the oft-repainted metal targets with robots which animated when shot (just like real animals) -- and renamed the Frontierland Shooting Exposition. It has not yet been announced when this newest incarnation of the shooting gallery will be closed and replaced with a shop.

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