Mark Twain Riverboat

July 1956

The Mark Twain is a replica of the riverboats that sailed up and down the Mississippi river over a century ago. While the original riverboats catered to gamblers, travelers, smugglers, escaped criminals, fleeing slaves, tradesmen, and gunmen, the Mark Twain seems content to ferry Disneyland guests around the Rivers of America.

For reasons of safety, the Mark Twain is not allowed to sail freely down the river. It is, in fact, connected to a large rail and, as such, is technically a monorail, much like the ones in Tomorrowland.

The Mark Twain is the second riverboat to travel the Rivers of America. For the fate of the original boat -- the River Belle which was operating on the park's opening day -- see the Black Sunday page.

Trivia: This is the only paddlewheeler in the United States on which gambling is illegal during daylight house.

Mark Twain Spiel

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