Mad Tea Party

July 1955

This is one of the two original Disneyland attractions in which guests are able to experience the thrill of spinning out of control (the other was the Autopia). It is a perennial favorite of teenagers, brave children, and adults who want an excuse for staggering around looking drunk.

The ride mechanism is a set of concentric, interrotating, disks and shares several technology patents with Spirograph technology.

On one occasion, during an after-hours company party for Starbucks employees, the Mad Tea Party ride vehicles were specially sealed and filled with cappuccino. The ride was operated at one-quarter speed, and guests were welcome to walk up and fill their coffee mugs at will. Similar entertainments have been made available during company parties for Liptons, Hershey, the Jell-o Corporation, and the California Milk Processor Board.

Trivia: More people throw up on the Mad Tea Party ride each day than throw up in the city of Provo, Utah all year.

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