Storybook Land Canal Boats

June 1956

The idea behind the Storybook Land Canal Boats is quite charming -- a peaceful boat ride into the mouth of a whale, out through a hole where his tail was blown off, and into a land where miniature buildings dot miniature landscapes. Each carefully detailed building is a three-dimensional representation of a location from one of Disney's films. Locations which can be seen during the ride include:

  • Toby Tyler's Circus
  • The plantation from Song of the South
  • The elephant parade grounds from The Jungle Book (later recycled as the elephant's graveyard from The Lion King)
  • Lake Titicaca from Saludos Amigos (although on the ride the sign reads "Lake T******a")
  • A quaint, firebombed village from Victory Through Air Power
  • The title location from The Black Hole
  • The prison from Ernest Goes to Jail
  • An old-fashioned movie theater from which a crowd of children are fleeing a double feature of Newsies and Squanto

Trivia: At one point, Walt had wanted there to be a miniature Disneyland, complete with a miniature Storybook Land Canal Boats ride, in which there would be a miniature Disneyland, with a miniature Storybook Land Canal Boats ride,etc., but the sculptor hired to do the job went insane to the point of needing electroshock therapy and the work was left unfinished.

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