Snow White's Scary Adventures

July 1955; rebuilt May 1983

Originally called simply Snow White's Adventures, the ride was rechristened several times. The reason for the name change was that the appearance of the witch and of the forest of monstrous trees upset some young visitors. The ride's name was changed to Snow White's Disconcerting Adventures, and then to Snow White's Heart-Stoppingly Terrifying Adventures, before the current name was settled upon as a happy medium.

Evil Queen exposed!There is a little surprise in the show building for the Snow White ride. If you look at the second-story window above the ride for a while, you may be lucky enough to see the curtains part, revealing the evil queen. The effect was even more surprising one day in the late ‘90s when Imagineers took the Queen's outfit to be laundered but forgot to turn off the mechanism that occasionally opened and closed the curtains. For more than seven hours, until the oversight was noticed by management, guests were given an intimate education in just how anatomically correct Disney's animatronic figures are. (We've blurred the photo at right a bit to keep our Web site's PG rating.)

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