Fantasyland Shops and Restaurants

Fantasyland's eateries are few and largely unnoteworthy. Aside from a few carts, the only significant place to catch an overpriced bite is the Pinocchio-themed Village Haus (sic). The selection here is limited, and even on low-traffic days guests unanimously avoid it because its large seating areas are always so crowded.

The Mad Hatter hat shop in Fantasyland is notable if only because it has remained largely unchanged since it opened in 1983. This is a place where guests can buy an outlandishly insane hat, have it personalized with their embroidered name as if anyone would want to steal it, and wear it until park closing, after which the psychotic headgear will spend the rest of eternity taking up space, forgotten in some closet. The Mad Hatter has another secret -- inside there is a mirror which, if stared at, will magically reveal the demons which inhabit the darkest reaches of your secret self. Try it -- it's fun!

The rest of Fantasyland's shops have a tendency to come and go with the wind. There was a fabulous magic shop there at one time, and Tinker Bell's Toy Shop, and a place where kids could have suits of armor custom fitted. Today they are but memories, and the largest shop is Once Upon a Time... The Disney Princess Shoppe (sic), fanning the flames of the corporate-constructed "Disney Princess" craze that the mothers of small girls (and a tenth of small boys) wish would just dry up and blow away.

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