Peter Pan's Flight

July 1955

Peter Pan Flight opened in 1955, and came through the 1983 reworking of Fantasyland with little change other than the updating of some effects and the addition of an "s" to its name.

Peter PanThe conceit of the ride is that guests are traveling aboard flying pirate ships from London to Neverland where they view some of Peter Pan and his gang's adventures. The most spectacular part of the ride is the initial flight over London, and the effect is enhanced by the fact that Imagineers had casts made of real London buildings (including Big Ben and the London Bridge) and used a patented down-scaling process to create their models.

The attraction's biggest problem comes when guests fly over a scene in which Peter Pan is seen fighting Captain Hook on Hook's pirate ship. Guests are supposed to be riding aboard tiny versions of Hook's ship, so seeing the large version completely destroys the illusion. This disruption of the fantasy is severe enough that to this day Peter Pan's Flight remains one of the least popular attractions in Fantasyland.

Trivia: If Peter Pan's Flight breaks down, guests can be stranded in their ships, hanging in the air, for up to a week. Meals are available at normal Disneyland Hotel room-service rates until help arrives.

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