Dumbo the Flying Elephant

August 1955; rebuilt May 1983

When Fantasyland was reworked in 1983, Dumbo Flying Elephants became Dumbo the Flying Elephant (the leftover "s" was used to renovate Peter Pan Flight). It was left unexplained exactly who the rest of the elephants were. In the original ride with its original name, children could at least pretend that all of the elephants were clones of the original. Today, children have to be reassured that they are riding in the "real" Dumbo, and that all of the rest of the elephants are just "Dumbo's helpers."

In November 1990, it was discovered that the unintended motion that was randomly jettisoning children from ride vehicles into the Storybook Land Canal was caused by faulty hydraulics. After much consideration, Disneyland management decided that they probably shouldn't leave the ride that way, and replaced it with a Dumbo attraction that was being prepared for the soon-to-be-open-and-approaching-financial-ruin Disneyland Paris. The change was made under cover of darkness, and to this day, most guests remain unaware that they are riding in French elephants.

Trivia: In the original ride, Dumbo vehicles were flying toward the statue of Timothy Mouse at the ride's center. The design of the French ride vehicles has Dumbo running away from the mouse.

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