Throughout the years, many high-quality entertainments have entertained guests from Disneyland's stages. Here are but a few:

Sword in the StoneBilly Hill and the Hillbillies play at the Golden Horseshoe Review, playing "old country" tunes from back when slavery was a not-so-distant memory and tell jokes that anyone over the age of five will have already heard. It is rumored that Billy Hill aren't their real names, and that only some of the band is really hillbillies, but Disneyland will neither confirm nor deny the rumors for obvious legal reasons.

Visitors to Tomorrowland should check out The Club Buzz Stage on which modern music acts, play current songs -- sometimes with minor adjustments made to their lyrics to avoid upsetting visiting prudes.

The Sword in the Stone Ceremony (at the location pictured at left) takes place in Fantasyland, just in front of the carousel, several times a day. The show is presented by Merlin, who invites whatever burly guests happen to be passing by to give a shot at driving a sword into an anvil. The idea is that, once the sword is in the anvil, Arthur will come by, pull it out, and become king of England. Even though Merlin offers a new car to anyone who can perform the feat, nobody has succeeded to date.

Fantasmic! is an enormous production worthy of its own detailed entry, but we have neglected to give it one.

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