Special Events

Disneyland's Special Events Department is charged with creating one-of-a-kind entertainments to keep the park's most devoted fans supplied with an endless assortment of expensive, one-of-a-kind merchandise and pins, both as an enticement to those who visit the park frequently, and to keep eBay in business.

Over the years, Disneyland has had special events celebrating a wide variety of Disney attractions, including Pirates of the Caribbean, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Haunted Mansion Holiday, and the Haunted Mansion movie, among other things.

Guests can participate in each of these events in a number of ways. Let's take the first Haunted Mansion event as an example.

Guests purchasing "C" level access to the event received a ticket good for entry into the park after 8 p.m. (since the event began at 9 p.m.), a seat high in the bleachers to view a panel discussion involving people who helped design and create the Haunted Mansion, and a special ride on the attraction at midnight, after which they were given a commemorative pin and escorted out of the park just in time to see the last parking lot tram leave for the evening.

Guests purchasing "B" level access received all-day park admission, a discounted dinner at the blue Bayou, a reserved seat for the panel discussion, a midnight ride on the attraction which included a chance to shake hands with the panel discussion members ("C" level access people would see the panel discussers as well but would be snubbed), a special Mansion pin delivered in a little coffin, and a reserved tram to take them back to their cars.

"A" level access included an overnight stay in the Disneyland Hotel, park admission, a sumptuous feast served in the Mansion's grand ballroom on plates individually crafted to the visitor's tastes, a seat on the lap of one of the people participating in the panel discussion, a midnight ride on the attraction during which a visiting psychic produced actual ghosts, a special Mansion goodie bag (including a sterling silver Haunted Mansion pin, a piece of clothing from one of the ride's figures, a complete, limited edition, ride soundtrack, and other items valued at over $1,000), a limo back to their hotel room, and a Doom Buggy to take home.

Tickets to these events often sell out within hours of becoming available. In general, "C" level access costs $50 to $100. "B" level access is a little more. Those wishing "A" level access may want to look into a home loan.

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