Critter Country Shops and Restaurants

Hungry Bear Restaurant

The Hungry Bear restaurant has two levels, the upper of which is constructed to be at exactly the same height as the top deck of the Mark Twain riverboat. When the riverboat passes by the restaurant, a hamburger thrown from the restaurant exactly at the face of someone on the riverboat will fall just enough during its trip to exactly hit a guest of the same height as the original target but standing on the riverboat's lower deck square in the face. It's a law of physics and Imagineers spent many hours working out the details. Interestingly, it doesn't work the other way around -- a hamburger thrown from the Mark Twain toward the restaurant lands in the bushes near the water's edge. The purpose of all this is to get people in the restaurant to waste food without any possibility of free food being thrown to them.

The lower level of the Hungry Bear restaurant is a tad on the dark side, but it has prominently placed bathrooms and pleasant places to sit and feed the Rivers of America's ducks and mermaids.

Eeyore bootie on a stickCandy Store

In the Pooh-themed candy store that was opened at the same time as the Many Adventures Winnie the Pooh ride, you can purchase chocolate-covered marshmallows painted to look like Tigger's tail, candy-covered apples painted to look like Eeyore's backside, cotton candy shaped like Rabbit's ears, and whole roast piglets.

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