Critter Country

Critter Country (nee Bear Country) is one of the newest Disneyland lands. It originally housed nothing but the Country Bear Jamboree, the Hungry Bear Restaurant, a couple other small shops, and a very, very prominent restroom.

Rufus' resting placeThe path leading to Critter Country -- between the Haunted Mansion and the Davey Crockett Explorer Canoes -- used to be decorated like a woodland area in which, high up on a cliff, could be seen a cave. It is within this cave that a janitor who had been with Disneyland since opening day would sometimes hide out to take a quick nap during his break. Although he thought nobody knew about his little hideout, the fact was that he snored like a band saw and his little naps soon became the laughing stock of the park. For a while, you could even buy a CD with his snore recorded on it in the music shop on Main Street (admittedly not the most exciting thing you ever popped into your stereo).

Eventually, the cave and Critter Country's prominent bathrooms were dynamited to make room for Splash Mountain. The janitor, Rufus by name, retired soon after and passed away a few months later. As requested in his will, he was buried behind the fort on Tom Sawyer Island. In his honour, there is a little sign at the highest point on Splash Mountain marking a hidden room where his spirt is welcome to sleep should it ever tire of wandring through the park.

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