Adventureland Shops and Restaurants

Adventureland Bazaar

Adventureland Bazaar stretches most of the length of Adventureland. It carries native-type wares purchased for pennies from sweatshops around the globe.

Bazaar lampThe Bazaar is an attraction in its own right, featuring a "magic" lamp (a la Aladdin) that, for a small fee, will dispense words of wisdom such as, "The genie knows all -- sees all! I see you rich, wealthy beyond your wildest dreams! But wait! Now I see you wasting your money, throwing it away one piece of silver at a time. Ah, now you are poor, a lowly street rat. But the genie knows a way that you could have avoided this sad fate. Insert a couple more quarters, and I will tell you."

Bengal Barbecure

This small, out-door food stand serves barbecued meat and vegetable skewers. It replaced the Alive food stand (themed on the Touchstone Pictures film of the same name), which was not a favorite of most guests, possibly because they ignorantly thought that the place served food that was still alive.

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