Indiana Jones Adventure

March 1995

The Indiana Jones Adventure is one of Disneyland's most expensive, special-effects-riddled, and popular rides. Because the ride vehicles jerk around so much, Disney cast members are able to collect more fallen merchandise here than in any other area in the park (Splash Mountain gets the nod for hats, but not for merchandise in general.) As with other lost merchandise recovered throughout the park, items found on Indiana Jones are returned to Main Street's Emporium to be resold.

The wild nature of the ride vehicles has given birth to a tradition among cast members -- the first-day hood ride. On a cast member's first day working Indiana Jones, s/he is brought into the ride before it opens for the day, seated on the hood of a ride vehicle, and sent into the attraction. If the cast member manages to hang on, s/he gains the respect of his/her peers. If not, then s/he is either quietly shunned until completely healed, or weighted and tossed into the Rivers of America (depending on how severe the failure was).

Decode the secret message!Guests entering the Indiana Jones Adventure will notice that there is quite a long walk from Adventureland to the ride vehicles. This is because, for space reasons, the actual ride has been installed in the basement of the Disneyland hotel, replacing what had once been a storage area for emergency supplies, safety equipment, and other useless, long-neglected items.

Throughout the attraction, messages can be seen painted on walls and carved in stone in a strange code. Guests who either take the time to figure out the code or spend big bucks for an official "Marabic to English" code ring will find that most of the messages are just concealed commercials.

Trivia: One of the skeletons in this attraction is the spitting image of Steven Spielberg's skeleton.

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